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Electric Fence Frequently Asked Questions in Kenya

Will an electric fence harm my animals? As discussed in our piece on Electric Fence for wildlife and farms, it is important to engage expert electric fence installers so that they can perform an assessment on the type of animals expected to be controlled using the electric fence. If you have animals that have a […]
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Electric Fencing for Wildlife and Farms in Kenya

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric current and is installed so as to enhance security either in your home, business premises , farm or even in a park where there are wild animals. TopSec Technologies provides electric fence installation in Kenya for wildlife and farms as well. Just like thousands of homeowners […]
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Electric Fence Installation from TopSec Technologies.

If you are looking to reinforce security in your home, farm or even business, electric fences should be your go to. We are leading Electric fence installers in Kenya and we pride ourselves in giving the best to our clients. Given that electric fences are visible, they usually are a perfect deterrent of thugs and […]
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